Past Life Regression

Navigating through Past Lives: Part II

Well, you saw your past life. So what now? How can you be sure its your past life? First of all, why do you want to get into the past?

Such questions and criticisms doesn’t surprise me; doesn’t annoy me either because I have asked these questions to myself several times before I could hear from others. But, did I find answers to the most stirring questions?


Let’s check.


That Golden Hour of the Day!

While we will get busy with the routine after a few hours, remember that the first few hours in the morning is available to contemplate on little philosophies of life. A time we can get connected to our inner selves! Whether you still want to be on the bed, recollecting and analyzing what last night’s dream meant or you would like to sit quietly in meditation or prefer to sit upright to ponder about the happenings of life, utilize the quietness of the mornings to feel connected.

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A Stitch for Joy Spreads Joy!

It may seem a simple incident. But when I contemplate on the depth of the human feelings it relates to, it astonishes me. It reminded me of the hours we spent at the designer showroom to choose a pair of dress for my son, last Diwali. I confess, I’ve never before thought of gifting a new dress to someone who can’t afford it.

Like a stitch in time saves nine, a stitch for joy can spread joy too!