Singapore, the Abode for Hungry Wandering Souls! #FarMoreSingapore

What’s that yuckyyy……looks like…..buns….stuffed with…..sheeshhhhh…..a cheese burger again! This must be the third eat-out I’ve reached. I don’t see people peck at anything better than burgers, steaks and turkey here. No wonder America is ever on top of the obesity list.

How I feel like moving on!

I am soaring high over the Atlantic Ocean now. I sense that I’ve been hungry for long; really long. Yeah, I am a hungry wandering soul rambling across the globe rummaging for food; food that can just not fill but overfill my heart, body, mind and soul. Continue reading

And We Met Again…

Best FriendsOver the years, with the addition of new places and people, we tend to keep wearing several masks one over the other; sometimes to hide the ones beneath and at other times to pretend what we are not. This is a natural process by which we keep evolving to a newer identity as we cope up with life and its situations. In the process, we begin to associate ourselves to somebody who might not be the one who was years ago. This new version of ourselves could have become better in some ways and might have turned unpleasant in other ways, that’s to do it with the evolutionary path we’ve taken along. And those people who are close to us like our parents and siblings, keep adapting to our newer forms as well along with us.

However, when something on the way, comes in front of us that can effortlessly remove all our masks and show that naked form of us, it is then that we realize the real essence of the journey we’ve come so far.

Meeting her again was such an important moment of life! 

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It’s Okay, Start it Anew!

Sometimes life takes us to the farthest end of our journeys from where retracing our path back would seem a dream. We wouldn’t have a clue of where we are heading to, during such episodes in life. Mighty words such as ambition, goal, drive, passion and target would have meaning only in the dictionaries; not in reality. However, something on the way would have brought a mystical change that fairy tales talk about, paving way for a new path and re-writing our stories forever!

I’ve seen such revivals too !

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