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Sage Stylori revives the Five Great Tamil Epics!

Guru: Silapathikaram, Manimekalai, Seevaga Chinthamani, Valaiyapathi, Kundalakesi! Have any of you heard any of these before?

Disciple Ka: Nope! Nothing of the sort mom played on you tube!

Disciple Gna: Neither in dad’s tab or mom’s kindle!

Disciple Cha: My Hindi and Sanskrit teachers didn’t teach me either!

Disciple Jna: Some kind of learning Apps?

Disciple Ta: New toy collections at Amazon?

Guru: :shock: Phew! You little children are not be questioned. Perhaps, the only Tamil literature your grannies were familiar with were Anandha Vikatan and Ponniyin selvin. The generation of your parents must have memorized a few verses of Thirukural, the day before the exam. I am glad that children of your generation can manage to converse in Tamil. Anyways, the purpose of your parents sending you all here today, to this Gurukulam, is to make you all get introduced to Tamil literature.

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CollegeDunia: A guide to your quest, ‘What to study? Where to study?’

In India, if one likes carpentry, he or she simply cannot become a carpenter. Seventeen – when one is yet to explore opportunities ahead and passions within, marks the decision-making age. ‘Keep your exploration aside; fix on your destination first’ is what life demands at this age. And one doesn’t have a choice. Financial burdens, social conditioning and the fear of future force us to take the first bus. By the time and age, you are confident about becoming a carpenter, you have already spent a decade in where your first bus took you to and it seems meaningless to drive down your path, for the sake of what you like.

Yes, it’s ironical! But most of the times, the first bus gives you the sense of direction. It helps you from getting lost in the search of what you are unsure of searching for. And perhaps, if you begin your quest early; earlier than when your life begins to demand you, your first bus might turn to be the one destined for you. So, if you (or your children) are nearing seventeen, get geared up to ransack the myriads of opportunities around you.


For once, let’s stop blaming ‘time’. It has been the same since Earth was formed and it’s always going to remain the same. It is with our lifestyle that we need to deal with. Problems and misunderstandings may exist. Let them do. But let them not steal our togetherness. Keeping parents far away, sending children to classes, allowing cold distance with spouses – rethink how much of our togetherness is getting lost.

Good News

Good News!

This is what I pray every night to God to show me the next morning though I know He cannot grant my wish at least till I am alive. I request all of you reading this post to imagine; to envisage; to dream what you are reading so that even if one of our dreams come true, it will be everybody’s too!


The other side of Television

I mean, the better side! There have been days when I had to make a strained effort to sit in front of it to follow a show. And I would fail nine out of ten times. For some reason, television has failed to conquer my love or perhaps, I’ve failed to understand its potential. I…