For Happy and Healthy children!

Blessed with a baby boy!

If you’ve ever updated your FB status to this, you will know what joy it brings. I mean not the FB status, the baby! It happened to us one day as well.

Feeling sick!

If you’ve put this status after you get a baby, it mostly means your baby is sick. And you would know what hud hud would go within you till that cursed virus or bacteria leaves your little one. It happened to us as well.

Exactly a few days after my son’s first birthday, I visited our neighbour’s house for an evening chat. My son hadn’t started walking by himself till then. He walked holdings things but always on his toes and never tried to keep his heels down. The neighbour uncle said it looks a concerning thing and we must see a doctor. I wasn’t sure if it really was.

But his remark hadn’t left me completely. The next day we took an appointment to his pediatric. She did a gait test and a few physical check up. And declared he needs a MRI of brain and spine taken immediately. That would also need a mild anesthesia. I couldn’t think or speak anything till I finished crying for a while. The happy and healthy child as he was for one whole year needs what?!

There cannot be anything worse that can disturb a parent as knowing there’s something not well with your child’s health. It was our time of life! A series of investigations, hospitals and doctors could actually do nothing about it; not even diagnose rightly what it could be. We only heard exaggerated assumptions from their clinical experiences of medical terms that could doom any parent on earth. I don’t even want to recollect such terms ever. It did take a few weeks of therapy of the unsure sort. But not too long, he started walking perfectly one morning. 6 months past his first birthday, today he can do all that a spider man can.

Neither do we or doctors still know what had happened and how it got undone.

Out of the several miseries around us, I now know how it is to be a parent of a sick child. Even a common cold on your child is not going to let you sleep well. And when it is something bigger, it gets difficult, especially in cases like our’s where we didn’t know whom to believe and what to assume.

We can never take control of certain situations. Never! Sometimes we are merely puppets in life. But it just takes the human in us to do certain deeds like this:

Prayers and donations!

You don’t have to believe a GOD to do prayers. Whole-heartedly send good wishes to every child who may be sick at this point, anywhere around our globe. Believe in your act. Encourage your children to do the same.

Many children are unhealthy because their parents do not have enough money for treatment. Help them. Even a little will mean a lot.

Visit this site for health tips for your children.

Letting go Diwali…..?

From a month before, I’ve been seeing ads for discounted sales for furniture, clothing, soaps, mugs, hair pins…….and what not?!! It seemed like yet another spike and sell business of these vendors. Nothing did actually remind me of Diwali. From a week before, I had neighbours asking me when are you going home? Are the tickets booked? When there was no answer, the next question was Oh, are they coming to your place? “Who?” I thought. Yet Diwali hadn’t got into my mind really.

But yesterday, our neighbour aunty asked me if the shopping was done. She was sad about the Chennai rains that she couldn’t visit TNagar this time and have to compromise for a nearby petty sale place. Then it lightly struck me, Am I missing something about Diwali? I came home. The Diwali shopping conversation was still going on in the background. Am I missing something about Diwali? I wasn’t really crazy of dresses or crackers, so Diwali shopping isn’t a big thing, after all. Yeah, true. But is it only about clothes and crackers? Am I missing something about Diwali? After the third time, it heavily stuck me, Don’t you realize, not something, you are missing just everything about Diwali!

The most exciting time of the year, year after year, was Diwali. In the then childhood days! Amma would have prepared the third round of sweets by the time Diwali actually arrives. Big drums of Muruku (Chaklis) and white ladoos were the most sought-after possessions of the house. After a few rounds of ladoos, I was prohibited to enter the kitchen. So I had to wait when amma goes for a bath or the next house aunty finds a new gossip in the colony.

It mostly used to be glossy colourful traditional clothes for Diwali. The modern types frocks were reserved only for birthdays. It was a little torture to wake up at 4 and follow the bathing protocol of amma with eyes still half closed. But a little later, when we start hearing the dishums, damals, dups, we will be fully awake in Diwali. After lunch, covered plates would be manually couriered door to door. Of course being the younger one, I always did the courier service. Somehow the ladoos delivered from other houses were always a little more interesting than our’s.  For a reason, I hate these special programmes on television on special occasions as this because the way they dilute the fun of the celebration. Evenings were more wonderful which reflected the real sense of Diwali. Getting back to school after the holidays would feel like the new academic year has just started. Delightful chats would go on and on for at least a week after the festival. And our English teacher never missed to assign us the Diwali essay: Write briefly about how you spent your Diwali this year.

And here I am still writing how I spent my Diwali in childhood because literally there was no Diwali after I stepped out of my parents’ home!

Well, what wast it that actually went missing? Definitely not the clothes, crackers, sweets! I had only one reason every year to let pass Diwali without an excitement, What big Diwali? I am not a kid anymore! But there’s another reason to save it from extinction now, I have a kid at home! And I want his Diwali essays to be as exciting as mine. I have the responsibility to recreate my happy childhood. My children deserve it as well.

In a sense, Diwali is just one of them. One of the some little things that bring our childhood back for the sake of our children. I admire this human cycle invention of God’s. Once we grow up and when our childhood slips away, we somewhere in our hearts, become like blind people in a dense forest. It is to retrace our steps back to life, that a whole new generation is procreated. They restore life before we let go of it!

Time to call amma for the Muruku and Ladoo receipes now :)

Take a few minutes to watch the heart-warming video embedded above and visit this site to send free Diwali gift hampers home. Get drenched in the memories of Diwali back at home.

Happy Diwali!!!

2 Small Actions that make a BIG difference!

Catharine Jawahar

Catharine Jawahar is raising funds for Mental health research. I am sure all of you might have been touched by a story of a friend or relative suffering from depression or the likes at one point of their life. At the age of science where a blood test can diagnose your disease, diagnosis of mental illnesses is yet to catch-up! Research can find solutions, so please donate!

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